Morakot Hero

Because people are assets too.

Morakot recognises that your staff are important assets of your business and efficient management is needed.

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Main Features

staff management

Staff Management

Manage all HR related aspects of your employees including recruitment, onboarding, job descriptions, etc.

time sheet


Customise work schedules to suit your operating hours and add in any local or national holidays.

pay roll


Customise your payroll according to existing salary structures. This includes automated calculations.

training & career

Training & Career

Our HR system allows for both the recording and creation of training and developmental opportunities.



This allows both your HR and accounting departments to have a 360° view of all employee-related financials.

attendance management

Attendance Management

Get attendance reports and get notifications for unusual attendance. Set how you would like to check-in & out.

notch security

Top Notch Security

As with any FinTech application, cybersecurity is of paramount importance, especially with the risk of cybercrime on the rise. Our clients have a current loan portfolio of more than $270M and a total number of end users exceeding 260,000 people. Morakot therefore takes its security responsibilities very seriously.

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Available on All Devices

As the use of smartphones continues to rise, we understand the need for people to be able to be productive on the go. That is why Hero is available on all your favourite devices.

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