Morakot CBS

The full functions core banking system for financial institutions of all sizes.

Our flagship product is a Core Banking System specifically designed for Pawnshops, Rural Credit Operators, Leasing Companies, Microfinance Institutions and Banks.

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Main Features

customer management

Customer Management

Keep track of all interactions with your customers and allow your agents to instantly access historical activity.
loan management

Loan Management

Streamline your loans workflow with a 360 ° overview of previous loan activity.

collateral management

Collateral Management

Instant access to any documents on loan-related collateral.

risk management

Risk Management

Integrate risk factors with your lending process and customise criteria according to organisational needs.

loan delinquency

Loan Delinquency

Instant overview of defaulting loans and the ability to customise features such as penalties, grace periods, and loan write-off or recovery.
funds transfer

Funds Transfer

Allows for any of the main types of transfers, including money transfer service, inter-branch transactions, and internal account transfers.

notch security

Top-Notch Security

As with any FinTech application, cybersecurity is of paramount importance, especially with the risk of cybercrime on the rise. Our clients have a current loan portfolio of more than $270M and a total number of end-users exceeding 260,000 people. Morakot, therefore, takes its security responsibilities very seriously.

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Great User Experience is Our Top Priority

Built from scratch by a team with many years of experience in banking and microfinance. Designed from the ground up to be secure, reliable, and easy to use.

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